Flavor of the Week: Moncher Cream Cake

Flavor of the Week: Moncher Cream Cake

Mon cher, mon bebe, mon snack...

by RoyalCha

Je t'aime snacks! Today’s Flavor of the Week is Moncher Cream Cake! This sweet, fluffy dessert snack is composed of two pieces of soft cake with smooth cacao cream in the center, covered in chocolate. Moncher Cream Cake

If you’re a fan of Choco Pie, you’ll definitely want to give Moncher Cream Cake a try too! Personally, as a child I really did love Choco Pie, but as I grew older I realized the chewy marshmallow middle just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. The Moncher Cream Cake has all that chocolate cake goodness, but instead of a marshmallow, there’s rich cream; just right for someone who just isn’t really into marshmallows anymore. It's definitely not a snack boasting any health benefits or lacking in calories; but hey, we all have cheat days don't we? You might as well keep yourself and your tummy happy with a good chunk of bliss with this decadent cake! Now don't doubt me just yet, but believe when I say there's more than one way to eat this cake. Try warming it up for a couple seconds, and you'll get a delicious, goopy cream center. Or, for the opposite effect, try freezing it! As someone who's always loved frozen cheese cakes or ice cream cakes, a frozen Moncher Cream Cake is just as good. This snack is perfect for any time of the day, but my preference is after dinner with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Since it’s cake, it’s a bit more filling than other snacks. Moncher Cream Cake satisfies my appetite while giving me the little sugar rush I need to get through the rest of my day. This cake is definitely not a lie; and if you’re ready to try it, grab a box from the SnackFever shop!

Featured Image: Instiz.net 

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