Flashback Friday: Best Old-School K-Pop Jams for the Summer

Flashback Friday: Best Old-School K-Pop Jams for the Summer

It's summertime, and the living is easy! 😎

by Rachelle a.k.a. "Roach"

Or, it will be a lot easier if you fire up the barbecue, relax in the sunshine, and dig out the old boom box to crank these old school K-pop tunes. Check out our playlist on YouTube below. Don't forget to subscribe to the SnackFever channel if you already haven't! 😀

  Here's a bit of background on each of the songs in the playlist. "Women of Beach" - Cool  cool This classic blast from the past serves up a bit of a Caribbean vibe that's perfect for the beach and a little different from what you hear in a lot of today's amped-up K-pop.   "Festival" - Uhm Jung-hwa uhm junghwa

Uhm Jung-hwa is considered one of the female pioneers in Korean entertainment and the early days of K-pop. Jam out to this while working on that beach body!   "How Deep Is Your Love" - Jinusean jinusean Come for the K-pop remix of the BeeGees; stay for the throwback shots of Jinu and Sean goofing around in some sick '90s fashions.   "Sea" - UP UPsea You know how sometimes you need a summer song to break you out of a heat haze and get the party started? This is that song.   "Summer Story" - DJ Doc summerstory If you're looking for a song to perform a choreographed dance routine to this summer, this K-pop classic is your best bet. Enjoy the MV in all its pixelated glory!   "Eusha Eusha" - Shinhwa shinhwa

There's something for everyone in this part rap, part retro, totally fun song. And LOOK AT THEIR HAIR! 😄   "Sea of Love" - Fly to the Sky sea-of-love-ftts An R&B classic from Hwanhee and Brian Joo! It's also a great NRB/karaoke option.   "Kung Ddari Sha Bah La" - Clon clon The closest way to translate the title of this song is "hakuna matata." Clon was one of the masters of lighthearted, catchy '90s K-pop tunes!   "Hot" - 1TYM hot

Early YG Family set the foundation for their future artists, and 1TYM was one of the trailblazing groups. Featuring a young Danny from L.A. and Teddy, this group knew how to turn up the heat! (Bonus: Spot the future Big Bang members!)   "In the Summer" - Deux deux The Deux duo were one of the first hip hop-influencers in Korea. "In the Summer" is a laid-back track for a day at the beach!   "Summer Vacation" - SM TOWN (Various years)

SM's all-stars make appearances in this annual series of seasonal songs, including Shinhwa, Boa, S.E.S., M.I.L.K, Kangta, Bryan, Black Beat, Fly to the Sky, and H.O.T all make appearances in these odes to summer! Think of any old school K-pop gems that we missed? Let us know in the comments! ~~ Rachelle, also known as "Roach" among her friends, is a freelance writer based in NYC. She loves trying to cook Korean food but then giving up and heading to Flushing for the good stuff. You can check out more of her work at stuffroachknows.com snackfevercom

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