Five Snacks to Get Us through Comeback Season 🌟

Five Snacks to Get Us through Comeback Season 🌟

When it rains, it pours, and sometimes it feels like every single K-pop group is coming back at the same time! I bet I’m not the only one feeling a little overwhelmed after December's onslaught of comebacks, which included EXO, DAY6, SEVENTEEN, and WINNER; and now January’s busy comeback season, which includes Astro, Apink, GFriend, iKON, and GOT7 kicking off the New Year with new music.

My head is spinning and my feels are a little bit too high right now, and if you’re in the same boat, here are a few snacks that will get you through this crazy comeback season in one well-fed piece:

Lotte Yogurt Jelly

If a few of those comebacks still seem a bit too far away, not to worry! Lotte's yogurt-flavored jellies come in quite a few fruity flavors, like peach and strawberry, and are sweet enough to keep our spirits up during the long wait until our favorite groups return.


Milkis is the snack that’s going to quench our thirst this comeback season because, let’s be real, we all get a little thirsty when our faves are back and looking better than ever! This drink is a novelty, thanks to its status as a carbonated milk beverage—made from soda water, milk, and corn syrup—and available in refreshing flavors, like strawberry and banana.

Ice Cream

In the same vein as Milkis, we’re all going to need a snack that cools us down when the music videos finally drop, and our bias wrecker continues their quest to, well, wreck our bias list. Brands that are sure to do just the trick include Melona, Lotte, and Samanco.

Orion Moist & Chewy Cake

Comebacks are an emotional time, with the waterworks turning on mere seconds into listening to the new albums or watching the new music videos. If you’re a crier like me, unable to hold back your admiration for the immense talent and hard work showcased in every comeback, then we’re going to need something to absorb our tears, which is where Orion Moist & Chewy Cake comes in. This cake is super sweet and very fun to look at—the epitome of a win-win.

Maxim Instant Coffee

If you live outside of Korea, comebacks tend to happen at hours outside of our typical day. Whether you’re the type to stay up late, waiting for the comeback to drop, or the type to wake up at the time the comeback is scheduled to go live, you’ll need a few packets of Maxim Instant Coffee to wake up and keep caffeinated so that you don’t miss a single thing. With lots of flavors to choose from, Maxim Instant Coffee offers something for everyone.

What’s your go-to comeback snack? And what comeback are you most excited for?

Cover Image: SEVENTEEN (Pledis Entertainment)

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