Festivals the College Way

Festivals the College Way

With the start of a new school semester comes what seems like endless amounts of studying and stressing out for students hoping that the semester is easy breezy and somewhat fun. However, those attending any Korean university can look forward to the college festivals! 

These college festivals usually take place twice a year. Unlike school terms anywhere else, Korean universities host one early in the spring as a way to welcome the semester; and the second festival at the start of the fall semester to bid farewell the school period. This tradition dates back as far as 600 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty for, what was at the time, the only national university, Sungkyunkwan. Not only an event for the students, these festivals were opened for the whole community and were used as a way for people to have fun and come together.

Considering how many universities there are in Korea, each school has its own festival with its own name. However, there are a couple of universities known for hosting very popular festivals that many don’t want to miss. Yonse University (Akaraka Festival) and Korea University (Ipsilenti Festival) are so popular that those who are looking forward to attending have to purchase tickets days before the event to secure a spot!

Consisting of multiple ways for attendees to have fun, these events can last anywhere from one to three days. However, what you find to do at the event can vary slightly, depending on the university you attend. Without a doubt, you’ll find various small booths from organizations within the school looking to recruit members or game booths that use the funds gained for the club. Along with these small activities that people can do are some much bigger ones, like bouncy castles and bull-riding, so anyone can join in on the fun. Having so much fun will make you build an appetite, and that’s where food vendors will be lifesavers! You’ll surely find various kinds of treats, like tteokbokki, gimbap and pajeon to name a few!

What is it about these school events that have gained them so much popularity? It’s the fact that their music lineup will have you in awe and be something that you won’t want to miss. Grand artists such as IU, PSY, IKON and Chungha are some of the performers that have headlined the festivals in previous terms. With the students having somewhat of a say as to who they want to see perform, the chances you’ll probably see one of your favorite artists perform for the university are quite high. 

Although school might not be for everyone, college festivals are something no one will be able to pass up! What’s one artist you’d like to see perform at your school? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Twice (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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