Favourite Snacks - Interns Edition

Favourite Snacks - Interns Edition

The interns at SnackFever have picked their favourite snacks! Read to find out which K-snacks they love the most.

Pepero - Angela & Catherine

Who hasn't heard about Pepero? These cookie sticks dipped in chocolate are delicious. It’s so good that it even has a day dedicated to it - Pepero Day, held on November 11th.

Angela - ‘Super cheap, lots of flavors and SO. GOOD.’
Catherine - ‘I like Pepero too. It’s cute and EXO's face on it makes it all the better. Apart from that it tastes good and is easy to bring on the go.’

Banana Kick - Anjelica

This melt-in-mouth corn snack has the sweet taste of banana. The other flavours include Chocolate, Banana Kick, Strawberry Banana Kick and Green Tea Banana Kick.
P.S. Jungkook of BTS has been seen eating this delicious snack a number of times. Guess he is a fan too ;)

Anjelica - ‘ So far these chips are my fav.  It has this sweet banana flavored crunch that will satisfy your sweet tooth. They have a chocolate one, but I haven't been able to find it. ’

Nongshim Shrimp Flavoured Chips - Kalina

The name pretty much tells you about the snack. These shrimp chips are crunchy, and the flavour is not at all overpowering. Everything about it is just right.

Kalina - Nongshim shrimp flavored chips are my favourite. Compared to the others that I have tried, they have just the right amount of flavour and the chip is light but has a nice crunch to it.’

Maple Honey Butter Chips -  Tess

Maple Honey Butter Chips are a special edition flavour of the Honey Butter Chips range. There is even a Sakura Honey Butter flavour. These first came out in 2014, and they created such a roar that it started a trend called the Honey Butter Craze in South Korea. These chips became so popular that they were sold out everywhere.

Tess - ‘If I had to recommend any korean snack, I’d recommend the Maple Honey Butter chips because they are crispy, sweet, and salty. Perfect for snacking on during movies or studying.’

Peach Jelly - Maegan

Peach shaped jellies that taste as they sound. They do not disappoint.

Maegan - ‘I had them in one of my Snackfever boxes. They were so good.’

Kokal Corn Chips - Lexie

These chips look just like Bugles and have a slightly sweet corn taste. You will see photos all over the internet of people putting them on their fingers to make their hand look that of a monster.  Plus it is also a fun way to eat them. Flavours include Original, Roasted, Sweet & Spicy and Hot.

Lexie - ‘꼬깔콘 was the snack of choice on my first trip to Korea. We would buy bags to eat at Seokchon Lake at night while having fun. I love the spicy sweet taste just as much as making claws with them. They made playing with food fun and tasty.’

Orion Corn Soup flavoured Turtle Chips - Tiffany & Ashley

I would call these the hottest snack since Honey Butter Chips. They are called Turtle Chips, because they are shaped like the shell of a turtle. These 4-layered crispy and crunchy chips boast an explosion of flavour. Apart from Corn Soup flavour there is also Cinnamon, Shrimp, and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Tiffany - ‘My favourite snack is Orion's Corn Soup flavoured Turtle Chips! It's a yummy and fun snack. It's small, very "popable" like candy or popcorn. I like the airy texture it has like a bugle, but its 4 layers give it unique crunch and texture that's really great. The flavour is sweet, mildly salty which I really enjoy. The only thing I don't like is how addicting it becomes! It makes the bags go fast.’
Ash - ‘Reminds me of childhood’

Banana Rice Crackers - Nicole

Koreans love their banana. These banana flavoured rice crackers are sweet and yummy.

Nicole - ‘These are my favourite snack. My friend bought them once, and they're just soooo niceeee.’

Chicken Hot Gangjeong - Sarah

This snack is sweet, savoury and spicy. You can taste the flavour in each bite. They are crunchy and light.

Sarah - ‘My favorite snack is the Chicken Hot Gangjeong. I got this in my SnackFever box earlier this year and it was a life changer. They’re so addicting. I’m sad that the stores near me don’t sell it.’

Triangle Kimbap - Ryann

This is Kimbap in triangle form just as the name suggests. It is a very popular food sold in the convenience stores in Korea. For people who are too busy to prepare breakfast or lunch, this is a good option. It is easy to carry and eat wherever or whenever you want.

Ryann - ‘Not sure if it constitutes as a snack, but I'm all about the triangle kimbap. Its super satisfying to eat these after struggling to figure out how to open them without tearing apart the seaweed and having the rice fall out on you. Compact and small, l it is a great on the go snack for anyone.’

Aloe Vera Drinks - Kyle

Like they say, don't judge a book by its cover. Aloe vera drinks are actually sweet, delicious and very refreshing. Great for the summer!

Kyle - ‘Aloe vera drinks are the perfect amount of sweet, and the little bits of aloe vera in it are super refreshing. I could honestly empty a couple of bottles of these at a time if I didn’t hold myself back.’

Lotte Kancho - Lindsey

These are basically delicious bite size cookies filled with chocolate which also happen to be very popular.

Lindsey - ‘These chocolate filled treats are just so tasty and addicting.’

Binggrae Banana Milk - Stephanie

Banana flavoured milk is loved by people in Korea. They swear by it. Even people outside Korea who have tried it have become fans. It tastes like sweet ripe bananas. The drink has a pretty interesting history. Binggrae created banana milk after the Korean government wanted to encourage people to drink more milk.  At the time bananas were expensive and considered a luxury. Binggrae believed that the people would be attracted to purchase their milk because of the banana flavour.

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Stephanie - ‘I like the Binggrae Banana Milk! It’s not really a snack, but it’s so good.’

Orion Chewy Sour Candy  - Britt

These candies are super tart and get even more sour at the core. Don't be fooled when you put them in your mouth; while they might be mild in the start, I promise it will be a very sour ending.

Britt - ‘They’re pocket-sized and sweet until you get that delicious burst of sour on the inside. So good!’

Sindangdong Tteokbokki Chips - Samantha

The inspiration behind these chips is the extremely popular street food tteokbokki. The chips have a great crunchy texture. In terms of flavour, they are sweet and spicy.

Samantha - ‘These are the bomb.’

How many have you tried?

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