Even More Food to Help You Through a Korean Winter!

Even More Food to Help You Through a Korean Winter!

Last week, we showed you 5 delicious foods to get you into the winter spirit and by popular demand, this week, we're giving you 5 more! In this list, we'll show you different meals and street foods that'll keep you warm every winter in Korea!

Ddeok Mandu Guk (떡만두국)

Ddeok mandu guk, or rice cake dumpling soup, is a variation of ddeok guk - the famous New Year’s soup! The clear, garlicky beef broth soup is great for the snowy season! The addition of mandu (dumplings) helps you fill your stomach so that you can stay warm longer.

Street Waffles (와플 , wa-peul)

Yes, that’s right. Waffles on-the-go is a favorite snack for many Koreans in the winter. There are waffle stalls all over the city selling plain waffles to bubble waffles, and strawberries and whipped cream waffles.

Goguma (고구마)

Roasted sweet potatoes, also known as goguma, may just be the best thing about winter. They’re hot, filling, slightly sweet, and absolutely addicting. They are also very simple to eat! Simply unwrap them, carefully peel away the skin, and dig in. We recommend at least 1 a day to keep the chills at bay.

Hodu Gwaja (호두 과자)

The most memorable thing about my first trip to Korea was walking into the subway for the first time and being surrounded by a sweet, alluring smell. Sitting right in the middle of a hall to transfer subways, was a little old lady selling sweet bean and walnut cakes. These cakes are comprised of a whole walnut covered in sweet red bean paste and then dropped into a slightly sweet batter. They are perfect for snacking during a winter commute.

Steamed Corn (찰옥수수, chal oksusu)

As with goguma, this is another Korean vegetable favorite. Ears of corn are wrapped in aluminum foil and steamed, or steamed and then put into a plastic bag. I was surprised at how amazing these taste without the help of any seasonings or butter! Steamed corn is perfect for the longer walks around the city as they are larger and keep your hands warmer for longer. They’re cheap and perfect for the colder days of Seoul.

That’s it for this list. Now you can go and experience winter like a local with these popular foods!

Have you tried any of these Korean favorites?
What are some favorite foods in your area?

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