Eggbun! What is it, and Why You Should Be Using it to Learn Korean!

By Kaitlin Clifford

Ever wanted to learn Korean, but didn’t have any resources available to you? One app you could try is Eggbun!

Eggbun is a great app to use if you want to learn Korean on your own. Since Eggbun is an app on your phone, you can use it whenever you have some free time and want to learn some Korean.

Eggbun starts by teaching you the basics of hangul - the Korean alphabet, and how they should be formed into each sentence. As soon as you open Eggbun, you are greeted by Lanny, Eggbun’s Korean Teacher. Once you set up an account, Lanny takes you step by step into learning hangul, as well as greetings.

Some of the courses that you can learn through Eggbun include Hangul, Greetings, Self-Introductions, Pronunciation and even Numbers. These are some of the most basic building blocks of the Korean language, and are vital to learning the more intermediate topics.

Eggbun also helps you learn and use Korean phrases in real life situations. On their Instagram page, they often post random situations where you might be able to use some of the Korean you have learned in the app. This can be helpful when dealing with any sort of Korean experience whether that be while watching a K-Drama, or while visiting in Korea. Being able to learn situations, then hear and understand them in real life is satisfying.

Overall, I really enjoy using Eggbun because of the interaction I get from being able to talk to Lanny, and how easy it is to navigate the app. Although some features do require membership, most of the basics needed to understand Korean are offered for free! If you ever have a yearning to learn something else, Eggbun also offers a few other languages including Japanese and Chinese!

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