Don't Be Lonely - Celebrate Black Day with SnackFever!

Don't Be Lonely - Celebrate Black Day with SnackFever!

We're all single here, too! 😄 ... 😢

The SnackFever Black Day Box is full of delicious food and therapy for all of you single folk! Single Koreans, or "solos," drown their sorrows mark April 14 by eating a bowl of black bean noodles, aka jjajangmyun🍜 black_day2 We want all of our solo SnackFever family members to get an authentic Black Day experience!  The SnackFever Black Day Box comes with a variety of jjajangmyun options, including DIY jjajangmyun and jjajang alternatives. Plus, we threw in a bonus gift of Korean metal chopsticks! 🍜 (Total weight of the packaged product: 4.4 lbs) Check back tomorrow for a "How to Cook & Eat Jjajang" article. In the meanwhile, you can reserve your Black Day Box at the link below:

Get Your Black Day Box Here!

The Black Day Box will ship immediately! Make sure you're quick --it's only available while supplies last!

Grab your Black Day Box and join Team SnackFever on April 14 as we chow down on jjajangmyun!


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