Daring Foods to Try in South Korea

Daring Foods to Try in South Korea

Unique to every culture, food is an aspect of our lives that brings fulfillment and satisfaction. Be it sweets or meals, food is our guilty pleasure. In South Korea, there is a wide variety of food that is mouthwatering, but there are also many other meals that may strike you as quite odd. For those who have done their research, you will know that Korean culture is known for many things, and food is one that definitely stands out. We hope you've worked up an appetite because here are 5 of the most daring foods one can try in South Korea!

  • Jokbal (Pig’s Feet)

Made up of boiled pigs’ feet, jokbal is a delicious Korean dish that is cooked with the perfect mix of ingredients. Deboned and cut into various slices, jokbal is served onto a large platter and is an excellent meal to share with friends and family. In order to get an authentic Korean experience, you should wrap a piece of jokbal in lettuce and add your choice of extra sauce and veggies. Furthermore, this meal is said to be excellent for hangovers and does wonders for your skin. Overall, you do not want to miss out on this savory Korean invention. 

  • Beondegi (Silkworm Larvae)  

For those who hate bugs, we suggest you skip this popular Korean snack since it might make your skin crawl. Served by many street vendors, beondegi is a Korean delicacy. Consisting of seasoned silkworms that are usually boiled or steamed, beondegi is described to have a crunchy texture and a juicy taste. Even though they may look a bit intimidating, many foreigners and locals recommend this snack and praise it for its nutritional value. If you have the stomach to feast on this creature, you might just acquire a liking for it!

  • Gaebul (Live Spoon Worms) 

Are you a seafood lover? Well, if you don’t mind their worm-like appearance, you might just come to like gaebul! Usually served with salt and sesame oil, gaebul is chopped up into small pieces that you can take on the go. Traditionally, gaebul is served raw, but it is possible to grill the worm. Since it is nutritious and inexpensive, it is a typical Korean dish that is enjoyed by many individuals.

  • Sannakji (Live Octopus)  

Literally meaning living octopus, sannakji is a Korean treat that is served in many different ways. Usually, the body (tentacles) of the octopus is cut up into small pieces, placed on a plate, and seasoned with sesame seeds and oil. Even though the tentacles are detached from the octopus, they will move around in your mouth so you will be in for quite a surprise. Either way, sannakji is a traditional meal that you do not want to miss!

  • Sundae (Boiled Intestine Sausage)  

Commonly known as blood sausage, sundae (soondae) is a must-have Korean delicacy that you must try while in South Korea. Consisting of boiled cow or pig intestines, sundae is seasoned and stuffed with a variety of other ingredients. Ultimately, this creation takes the form of a mouthwatering sausage. Luckily, this is a popular Korean snack that is sold by multiple street vendors in South Korea. 

Are there any other daring foods in your country that make your skin crawl? If so, let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Valeria Voelkl

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