Classic Korean Convenience Store Findings

Classic Korean Convenience Store Findings

Convenience stores and corner shops are put there to make our lives easier. They're in the most convenient places so that when we’re feeling most peckish, we can just hop on down and grab some food. In each store, one may usually find those certain foods that appear in nearly all the shops. Well, of course, South Korea is no different. They, too, have their fair share of common foods to be found there. When you take your trip to Korea and get those late night cravings, here's a small idea of what to expect in your local convenience store:


Ramen flavours of all sorts: spicy, super spicy, cheesy, chicken, and more! Of course, it is understandable to question, How is ramen well-suited here? Well, many convenience stores in Korea have appliances, such as microwaves, and hot water so that when you’re out on those bitterly cold nights, you can pop inside and grab yourself a lovely soul-warming cup of noodles.

Sausage Snack

There are different flavours of sausage, such as the infamous spicy, cheesy, or even fish! They’re said to have a weird texture, and people's opinion upon the taste can vary, but you know the saying: Try something new every day! If you don’t really want to eat sausage on its own, then why not try what people often enjoy doing; chopping it up and putting into your ramen?

Triangle Kimbap

Kimbap makes for a tasty snack to satisfy those cravings. A triangular-shaped and seaweed-wrapped ball of rice, usually stuffed with different fillings to add that bit of flavour to your snack. This food is a perfect contender when you get those midday nibbles and is super easy to find in any convenience store.


Dosirak are lunch boxes that typically consist of rice and a variety of side dishes. They are traditionally homemade, but more and more convenience stores have been selling them, which is advantageous to all you busy bees out there who don’t have time to prepare themselves a meal for lunch or dinner. You can enjoy a tasty, flavoursome lunch with ease!


Coffee can be found everywhere you go! All types and flavours can be found within these stores so when you’re in a rush in the morning, you can grab your caffeine fix quick and easy.


Maybe you’re not a massive fan of coffee... Fear not, they’ve got a plethora of other drinks for you to choose from, one famously being milk and milkshakes. Get your well-earned daily dose of cow juice in a multitude of flavours, and all with most simplicity.

Now when you take that eventual trip to South Korea, you can be more at ease, knowing that you have some knowledge of what to expect when you get snacky after all that traveling and hard work!

Thoughts on any of the items listed, or maybe have some to add? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Nicole Simpkin

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