Cignature Steps in with 'Nun Nu Nan Na' for an Ultra-Stylish Debut

Cignature Steps in with 'Nun Nu Nan Na' for an Ultra-Stylish Debut

The first girl group to debut this year is Cignature! They are under J9 Entertainment, the daughter company of C9 Entertainment (home of rookie group CIX), which was founded in 2020.

There are seven extremely talented members in this group: Chaesol, Jee Won, Ye Ah, Sunn, Seline, Belle, and Semi. All except Seline and Semi were previously in the group Good Day.

Members Chaesol, Jee Won, Sunn, and Belle participated in survival show The Unit with Jee Won earning the eleventh spot and Sunn getting third in the dancing competition. Some members even came from different companies: Their maknae, Semi, was a JYP trainee; and Jee Won was a former trainee under BlockBerry Creative. Now, let’s talk about their debut song!

“Nun Nu Nan Na,” is a mix of electronic beats and colorful vocals. The song itself is very representative of the current fashion trends in K-pop. The plaid skirts, shiny black dresses, and the occasional beret. The music video might give you some outfit inspiration and it’s also fun to watch! The song itself is about wanting a special someone to make a move, “Do what you want with confidence / This is your chance.” The bold background instrumentals certainly match up with these catchy confident lyrics. 

Their first music video has garnered over 900,000 views in the first twenty-four hours. Fans of Good Day are cheering their girls in the comments, leaving touching comments. It seems like Cignature is only going to go up from here. Keep an eye out for these rookies! 

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Cover Image: cignature (J9 Entertainment)
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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