Choose A Korean Snack Holiday Box For Your Flavor Profile

Choose A Korean Snack Holiday Box For Your Flavor Profile

Snack on something spicy, sweet, savory, or Christmas tree-y for the holidays!

by Team SnackFever

Happy Holidays, SnackFever Family! We've been wondering how we could satisfy everyone with a Korean snack holiday box, and we decided to make boxes of the main flavor profiles all of you have been asking for. The team curated four distinct LIMITED EDITION boxes: Snacks that are spicysweet, or savory, and a bonus Christmas tree box that was inspired by our designer, JT! Each box carries its distinct flavor profile, along with extra swag we've collected from this past year, including stickers and Krunk merch from our YG Box, as well as Viki Binge Box accessories!

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Take a look below at what's in the boxes.


Spicy Box

spicy-holiday-box Need some warmth in the winter? You can find it here! This box is no joke -- it contains two of the spiciest Korean ramen (Buldak "Fire" Chicken Noodles; Bulnak Octopus Noodles; Bibimyun). We've packed a Pororo drink and a bottle of Aloe Juice to keep you from breathing too much fire. The spicy pepper paste, or gochujang, in the Annie Chun's Seaweed Crisps and Amazing Bibimbap Cup Rice are more of a tasty spicy. The spicy Shrimp Crackers, Oh! Gamja Potato Chips, and Shindangdong Tteokbokki Chips also make for some great munchies! Last but not least, you can offset the spiciness by popping open the box of Aye-Shyuh Sour Candy. Get ready for a different kind of kick!


Sweet Box

sweet-holiday-box If spicy snacks aren't your thing, we've got plenty of sweets to go around! For the chocolate lovers, feast on a six-pack of Lotte Cacao Choco Pie, a box of Original Pepero, and Kancho. Then, munch through some strawberry fields with Double Dip Pepero, Sando Biscuit, and My Chew candy. You'll then find yourself in a sticky situation with Honey Waffle Mate, Honey-Dipped Banana Chips, Maple Corn Walnut Chips, and Milk Caramel cubes. And when you're thirsty, cool off with the refreshing Milkis Original and Pororo Strawberry drink!


Savory Box

savory-holiday-box Looking for something non-spicy, but too much sweetness isn't your thing? You're gonna savor this box. Feast on our Amazing Bulgogi Cup Rice and Teriyaki Udon Cup. Then, if you're feeling fishy, munch on some seafood-flavored snacks in the Korepab box and octopus-flavored Tako Chips. You can then switch gears to the Baked Potato Sticks, Couque D'asse Cheese Squares, and Harvest Original biscuits. (Thirsty, yet?) You still have our best-selling "Y" Curry Chips to go through, along with the Blueberry "B" Chips. Now we can hit the drinks to wash it all down. A crisp Coco Grape Drink and Enfant Banana Milk will do the trick!


Christmas Tree Box

christmas-tree-holiday-box This special edition holiday box was curated by our in-house designer and artist, JT! You can play with these snacks create the most delicious Christmas tree of the year. Among the green are the Korepab, Almond Pepero, Milkis Melon, Lemon Trevi Sparkling Water, Veggie Crackers, Lotte Custard Pastries, Choco Cereal Bites, Lotte Sand Pineapple Biscuits, Pororo Apple Drink, and My Chew AppleWhew! Your tree trunk (Lotte Cacao Choco Pie) is quite sweet too, and you can top the tree with the bright-red Ghana Milk Chocolate bar.

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