CHERRYKOKO Grows in Recognition for Celebrity Apparel

CHERRYKOKO Grows in Recognition for Celebrity Apparel

While K-pop and K-beauty have taken the world by storm within the past decade, K-fashion is now making its own statement on a global level. Audiences like researching styles and brands that can be seen on K-dramas, Korean films, and in music videos. People even keep an eye out for celebrities on their way to the airport or during their time being a guest on a variety show to see what they’re wearing. With the benefit of e-commerce, Korean fashion stores are able to ship globally and give people all over the world a chance to try on clothes that make them feel closer to the idol that inspires them.    

Fashion in Korea has a wide spectrum of different types of apparel. Designs can reach those who want to wear streetwear, those who want a sophisticated look, and designs even partner with brands such as NBA and MLB apparel for special collaborations. While K-fashion can reach various types of shoppers through its unique style, Korean stores have their own reputation for a certain look and aesthetic. 

So, at which K-fashion store do celebrities shop? One store that has been picking up its reputation for celebrity apparel is CHERRYKOKO. Founded in 2005 by Ji Dong Hyun, the brand is known for its sophisticated, casual, and simple aesthetic.  The shop has a storefront in Seoul, South Korea and has an online store that can be translated in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.   

Since more celebrities started wearing CHERRYKOKO apparel, the business is starting to market it’s apparel through the lens of high profile picks. While CHERRYKOKO has Instagram profiles specific to Korea, Japan, China, and a global audience; on November 19, 2019, the store launched a new Instagram profile that is specific for recognizing celebrities wearing CHERRYKOKO apparel.

These celebrity sightings showcase which actress, model, or idol wore a particular piece or outfit from the brand. Using the marketing tool of giving shoppers an idea of which famous celebrities buy their clothing is a smart move. Idols Hyuna and IU or actresses like Jo Yoon-hee and Jung In-sun are some of the celebrities that have worn CHERRYKOKO pieces for photoshoots, shows, or going to the airport.

Is apparel from CHERRYKOKO expensive?
It depends on what you get! CHERRYKOKO has everything from accessories to tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, and more.  All categories of apparel will range in price from low to expensive. If you like sales, the store always has apparel on their outlet tab on their website. Discounts can go up as high as 70%!  You can also check out some of CHERRYKOKO’s special events through following their Instagram profiles. Special events include getting a lucky box with a surprise inside for free!   

Can CHERRYKOKO ship globally?
Yes, they can ship globally. Another great fact about this store is that their online store is user friendly and simple to navigate. Their business even has contact information written in English, Japanese, and Chinese if a shopper cannot read Hangul.

Thinking about checking out some of CHERRYKOKO’s apparel? You can see new products, special events, discounted events, and keep up with celebrities wearing their apparel by following their Korea account on Instagram!  Happy shopping! 

Cover Image: WH3N & BOL4
Written by Jenna Tokioka

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