Celebrity Owned Cafes and Restaurants

By Twinkle Verma

While watching movies and dramas from our favorite actors or listening to our favorite idol's music, I am sure we all think about the day we will get to meet them. Having a chance to see them outside of the screen can be a bit difficult, but till that fortunate time comes, why not go and enjoy a little piece of them through their cafes and restaurants? Who knows, we a might get lucky.

Little Tin Drums - Park Shin Hye

Owned by Park Shin Hye’s mother, Little Tin Drums in Gangdong-gu is famous for its barbecued beef and pork intestines and other grilled Korean dishes. The famous actress is said to frequent the restaurant, but there is an unspoken rule that diners are to respect her privacy and ask for photographs or autographs while at the restaurant.

Cafe 89 Mansion - Lee Jong Suk

Last fall, Lee Jong Suk finally opened his own cafe. It is a huge coffee shop located in the trendy Garosu-gil street in Seoul. The actor actively participated in the decor of the cafe as well as the menu. Lucky fans can even catch a glimpse of him now and then.

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TMI - Yoo Ah In

TMI is a casual dining pub in Itaewon owned by Yoo Ah In who has starred in Veteran, The Throne and Six Flying Dragons. The signature dish here is the Mushroom Burger which is said to be delicious.. What’ more? This place turns into a pub by night.

Studio Concrete - Yoo Ah In

Studio concrete is a cultural complex in Hannam-dong, Seoul. Yoo Ah In remodeled an old house into a vintage, creative space, which features a gallery, shop and cafe with an outdoor terrace. Studio concrete has collaborated with many artists. You can enjoy their art exhibitions while sipping a great cup of coffee.

LUA Lounge bar - Yoo Yeon Suk

Yoo Yeon Seok’s interest in port wine led him to open Lua Lounge located in Itaewon.  “Lua” means “moon” in Portuguese. The Mr Sunshine actor selected the interiors for the place himself. You can watch movies or enjoy the beautiful rooftop view with a glass of port from their collection.

Everything But The Hero - Jo In Sung

The cafe catches your attention with it unique name and minimalistic interior. Run by Jo In Sung’s brother, this cafe is popular among locals for its hand-dripped and Dutch coffee. He has been seen at the cafe with his It’s Okay, It’s Love co-stars Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Ki Bang and Lee Sung Kyung.

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Untitled,2017 (Jeju-Shinhwa World) - G Dragon (Big Bang)

This new cafe by G Dragon is a part of the YG Republique in Jeju Shinhwa World. G-Dragon was personally involved in designing everything from the cafe's concept through to exterior and interior, and even brought in personal items to decorate. The cafe is specially designed to look like the letters 'G' and 'D' when seen from above. The unique interior consisting of a floral decorations, artworks, and more. Not only will the cafe incorporate his famous fashion label, Peaceminusone, it will also be used as a gallery to house artwork created by the singer. Fans will be able to kick back and enjoy all of this with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

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Untitled 2017 제주신화월드 濟州神話世界 Jeju Shinhwa World ~ Jeju Korea 🇰🇷 。 親自親眼👁👀踏足👣 G🐉 Coffee Shop, 還同朋友仔一起來到實在開心到極點 😍😘🤣 天氣空氣人氣一齊配合之下勁舒服和十個字都係 "型" 😄😍😘😉😆🙌🏻 Love You 💖 G 。 Have A Nice Day Happy Moments 💕😍👉🏻👈🏻 beautiful Magic Day 💚🐉 Take A Break 🍵☕🍴⏰ Enjoy 💚🔎📷🎧🎵 。 #untitled2017 #제주신화월드 #濟州神話世界 #jejushinhwaworld #gdragon #cafe #coffee #drinks ☕🍵⏰🎶 #chocolate 🍫 #cake #dessert #enjoy 😊 #myfavorite 💕 #design #building #jeju #korea 🇰🇷 #cool 😎 #beautifullandscape #fresh 🍃 #sosweet ❤💐 #amazingplace ✨ #magicjourney #power 🔋 #lovenature 💚🌱🌿🍀🍃🚶🏻‍♀💪 #travel ✈🛫🛬🛩🚀🚁 #world 🌎 #photo #photography #thankyou 🙏💖💚😍👁👀👣🚶🏻‍♀🚶🏻‍♀🚶🏻‍♀ (文/🚶🏻‍♀✨👁📸 by JC)

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Mouse Rabbit - Yesung (Super Junior)

Mouse Rabbit is a cosy three-story cafe co-owned by Yesung and his brother. Mouse and Rabbit represent their birth year - 1984 and 1987. Called Mobbit by his fans, this place stays true to its name. The basement of the cafe is designed to look like a rabbit’s hole where guests can unwind in a comfortable environment. The first level is where you can order your food and drinks. The second floor is where you can chit-chat with your friends or watch movies as it has projector. You can even buy souvenirs from the shop such as mugs, tumblers, etc.

Midnight in Seoul - Jo Kwon (2am)

Jo Kwon's colourful new cafe serves cereal for dessert. Cereal as dessert? What? This is genius. All the more reason to have dessert for breakfast. The menu includes over 40 different types of cereals with every topping you could hope. This cute cafe with bright pink walls with shelves full of cereal serves delicious cereal-based treats at any time of the day. Depending on your luck and Kwon's schedule, you never know, you might get to be served by him.

Nerd on Earth - Seulong (2am)

Nerd on Earth (a.k.a Nerd Bar) has become one of the hottest bars in Itaewon. With an awesome atmosphere and killer music, the bar allows guests to bring their pets along because Seulong loves dogs! What’s more, Nerd on Earth has a rooftop terrace which offers a gorgeous view of Itaewon. Located deep within an alley of Itaewon with only a simple sign that reads ‘Nerd’, this bar is not easy to find but a little searching will be worth your while.

Ossu Seiromushi - Jin (BTS) 

Our very own worldwide handsome - Jin, has opened a new restaurant with his brother this year. Located near Lake Seokchon, Ossu Seiromushi is a restaurant specializing in steamed Japanese dishes. Jimin has already paid a visit to his hyungs restaurant. Maybe we will get to see more of BTS here. Excited much?

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