Camping in Korea! What You're Actually Missing Out On

Camping in Korea! What You're Actually Missing Out On

Spring in Korea welcomes beautiful scenery such as cherry blossoms blooming, the sun shining, and warmer temperatures to melt away all the snow and ice. With warmer temperatures rounding the corner, more and more individuals are willing to step back outside and enjoy leisure activities. One activity for sure that gets kicked back up again is “camping” in a local park. You read that right, campsites are set up along many parks in South Korea, but they’re not your traditional backpack wilderness type sites. These sites, also known as “glampsites” for the availability of amenities allow individuals to experience the fun of camping without having to leave the comfort of the city. So, here’s a few hot campsite spots and what you can do at them:

  • Nanji Hangang Park
    • Probably one of the more popular hot spots, this park is located in Korea’s capital, Seoul, off the Han River. The park has the ability to hold around 2,000 people, and visitors have the option of renting a tent for a fee or bringing their own. It’s very popular to camp during all times of the day and night and usually, a delivery boy can be seen running food to various individuals. This is also a great time to get your ramen game on and partake in eating noodles by the river!
  • Seongjeong Beach
    • Located quite literally at the tip of Korea, Seongjeong Beach offers those in Busan the opportunity to camp with the view of the ocean. Unfortunately, this campsite is quite popular among locals and tourists alike, meaning during peak seasons it’s incredibly busy and usually very packed. However, if you love meeting new people then maybe this campsite might just be for you! The great part about being located in Busan is the incredible abundance of seafood available both by restaurant and by delivery or shopping.  
  • Raventree Glamping Resort
    • Here’s the part of the camping adventure that gets very fancy: As mentioned before, glamp sites offer visitors amenities that regular campsites do not; including, but not limited to showers and electricity.  The first thing you’ll notice as you step into this campsite is the tents are actually considered two stories, which allows for plenty of room to relax. Screens are also provided communally to watch movies as the sun sets, and of course, grills are provided so that campers may cook up their own food. While this isn’t located in the middle of a city, you’ll still feel all the comforts of home from a backyard point of view.
  • Florence Glamping
    • Perhaps the “wildest” glamp site on the list, Florence Glamping is located in Gapyeong and offers visitors all the amenities of Raventree, and for those who like to go during the colder months, can have a heated floor. The electric grill provides visitors with the ability to cook meat and other foods while enjoying nature to the fullest. Not to mention the giant tents give those who come enough space to spread out a little and enjoy.

Where would you "camp" in Korea? Leave a comment and let us know!

Written by Ryann Ellis

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