Blooming Cakes at Creamfields 🌺

Blooming Cakes at Creamfields 🌺

Creamfields Cakes is well-known for its gorgeous cakes, each one designed with beautiful flowers, making them ideal for special occasions including weddings, birthday parties and more! Located in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, each cake is made with dedication, and customers are reminded to book their cakes in five days in advance for the best service. 

Other favourites sold in the bakery include cookies, brownies, lattes, cupcakes and lollies. Many customers enjoy these goodies with delightfully decorative plates and napkins, making everything picture-worthy! 

  • Some of Creamfields’ most popular cakes: 

Bridal Crown – Great for weddings and perfect for the bride with three different flavours to choose from including great chocolate, hibiscus coconut, and blueberry and lemon cream cheese. 

Candy Crush – Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and for birthdays filled with all the candy one can desire!

Their signature cake is known as Fancy – Simple with any bright colour you choose and topped with whipped cream, it will satisfy all those eating a slice.

The Mini Crown – With a variety of small flowers around the top and bottom trim, it’s often described as if fairies were dancing on the cake! There are three flavours to choose from: green tea, cinnamon and earl grey tea!

This bakery doesn’t just offer fancy cakes but also other baked goods and drinks, all being devoured in their aesthetic indoor area that’s inspired by plants making every inch of it peaceful and welcoming to all.

  • Other baked goods:

Cupcakes with bright, cute, and distinctive decorations include Elmo, Cookie Monster, pumpkin, and the flower coco vanilla cupcake! Each made with love!

Cookies are sold in the bakery, with newer flavours like peanut butter chocolate, and of course, the commonly-known chocolate chip!

Brownies sold with such chocolate and fudgy goodness, perfect to go along with a cup of milk.

This bakery is known to many Korean residents—and how many places can say their cakes have been sold and gifted to various idols throughout Korea, including idols such as SHINee’s Taemin, Sunmi, Highlight’s Yoeob, girl group Lovelyz, and AOA’s Seolhyun? It truly wouldn’t be an understatement to say Creamfields is a famous bakery, making many feel fancy when eating a baked good from here!

To our international SnackFever Fam: putting this bakery on your bucket list wouldn’t hurt! Whether it’s having a slice of cake or having a cupcake around the beauty of nature, you will leave this bakery feeling revived and leaving your sweet tooth begging for more.

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Written by Andrea Villarreal

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