Black Day: Valentine's Day for Singles

Black Day: Valentine's Day for Singles

Love is in the air during this time of the year, especially with Valentine’s day being just a few weeks ago! But why does love have to be just for one day? As we all know, Valentine’s Day is on February 14, but did you know that in Korea and Japan, people also celebrate White Day on March 14th? This is a day when men give gifts to their beloveds who gave them gifts on Valentine’s Day, but what do all the single people do with all these holidays meant for couples? No need to worry, there’s a day for you too!

Black Day is an unofficial holiday in Korea for those who didn’t get gifts or chocolate on Valentine’s or White Day. Can you guess the day of this unique holiday? April 14th, two months after all those romantic holidays!

On this day, people meet up and either sulk over or celebrate their single status together. After all, there is no shame in being single! In order to be a part of this day, you must know a few things. There’s a dress code, and as you probably guessed, it's to wear something black! Wear a black shirt or dress in black from head to toe to show you’re single. As you can see from the beautiful Chaebubble, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

What is there to do on Black Day besides dressing up? You can go out and eat “black” foods to your heart's content! The most popular black dish being served and eaten on this day is jjajangmyeon, savory black bean sauce that drenches delicious egg noodles, a classic Korean comfort food. Squid ink pasta is also a popular dish on this day but jjajangmyeon has been unofficially dubbed as the classic dish for this particular holiday.

Jjajangmyeon is so good, you’ll be eating it even after the holiday! If Black Day means basking in your own comfort, enjoying your own presence, and making dinner for yourself; there’s no need to fear! Maangchi has a great recipe for jjajangmyeon that's easy to follow:

There are also special events for this day if you’re in Korea during this time! From jjajangmyeon eating contests to events for singles to meet up in hopes of having someone to celebrate Valentine's Day and White Day the upcoming year, April 14th won’t be a boring day to say the least! Now there’s a reason to be single. You get to celebrate a pretty unique holiday!

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