Best Korean Tea and Snack Combinations

Best Korean Tea and Snack Combinations

The weather is getting cold really fast! What better way to warm yourself up in winter than with a nice cup of tea? Not only can a tea help you to relax, it can also help improve your health. Some benefits to drinking tea are that it can provide you with antioxidants, reduce the risk of having a heart attack, boost the immune system, and more! Of course, everything is always better with a snack. Here are some of our favorite Korean tea and snack combinations:  

Yakgwa (약과) & Green Tea

Yakgwa is sweet confection with honey as its main ingredient. In pre-modern times, Koreans believed honey to be a medicinal ingredient, which is why yakgwa directly translates to “medicinal confection.” Traditionally enjoyed during festivals, weddings, and large celebrations, this sweet cookie is best paired with green tea, creating a beautiful balance of bitter and sweet.

Yugwa (유과) & Omija Cha

Both yakgwa and yugwa fall in the same category of traditional Korean confections, or hangwa(한과). Yugwa is a light and pleasantly sweet tea snack with a crispy exterior as well as an airy and chewy interior. The best part about eating yugwa is that it melts in your mouth. Omija cha, or five flavor tea, pairs well with the delicacy of yugwa. This tea gets its name from the five flavors you get from the dried magnolia berry: sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness, and pungency.

Dasik & Lotus Flower Tea

These bite-sized Korean tea cookies come in all sorts of cute colors and shapes. Made by kneading powders from grain, seeds, and pollen with honey, dasik takes on a mildly sweet flavor. A simple yet elegant Korean tea cookie calls for a simple and elegant tea, such as lotus flower, to go with it. Some say that the lotus flower tea tastes somewhat similar to green tea with its subtlety.

HAITAI French Pie & Earl Grey

This surprisingly flaky snack comes in three flavors of jam: grape, apple, and strawberry. To top it off, it is lightly dusted with sugar. A light and slightly sweet snack can be contrasted with a bold, hearty tea such as earl grey.

Margaret Cookie & Lemon Tea

Have you ever tried the most famous tea cookie? This Margaret cookie is a soft and chewy cookie that either comes plain or filled with chocolate. Some people eat these cookies straight out of the package while others heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds before eating. Brew a cup of lemon tea to compliment the cookie’s light buttery flavor with its slight tartness.

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Of course, most of these tea snacks can be eaten with a good cup of coffee as well. Curious to try some coffee and tea treats straight from Korea? Check out our Coffee & Tea Box here! What’s your favorite tea and snack combination?

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