Become an Instagram Model with Korean Fashion Brands

Become an Instagram Model with Korean Fashion Brands

We all see K-pop idols wearing cute and fashionable outfits that may be different than the fashion trends in our own culture, but despite that, we want to wear what they are wearing or at least something similar! Let’s explore twelve Korean fashion brands that have clothing for any style and can help achieve Instagram-worthy pictures.

  • Chuu

Chuu is one of the most well-known clothing brands in Korea. Many K-pop idols known for their cute fashion have worn their clothes, including the members of BLACKPINK.

Besides the cute clothing, they are also known for basics, especially their -5kg jeans. If you are not into the cute style, but want something from Chuu, their jeans, shorts, and basic shirts would be perfect for you!

  • Icecream12

Icecream12 is a popular brand all for the cutesy style. From tennis skirts to babydoll dresses, they have apparel for those who are still young at heart, and love to be cute!

They also have street fashion items for those who are a bit more edgy and have a more comfy style. They have a lot of printed t-shirts that are perfect if that is a staple piece in your wardrobe.

  • Stylenanda

Many fashion YouTubers enjoy doing hauls for Stylenanda, especially because they offer worldwide shipping. Their style is cute, but more toned down compared to Chuu and Icecream12.

They have more neutral colours and basic pieces, which every wardrobe needs, and is good for someone who has a more laid back and mature look.

  • Deepny

Deepny is a brand that many people may not know about, but they are very popular within Korea. They have a cute and comfy style to their fashion.

They also offer pieces with a sophisticated or vintage feel to them that can dress up any occasion!

  • 66 Girls

66 Girls is another brand that may not be well-known, but is popular within Korea. Their style is youthful and simple. Nothing too out there and perfect for anyone who wants to try new things, but not go out of their comfort zone.

They are also perfect for basic pieces for those who just need new jeans or t-shirts and want to try a new brand.

  • Lalabong

Lalabong has a sweet look mixed with street style. They offer laid-back looks that are stylish and comfortable, and are similar to Western styles.

Their clothes will be great for school or lazy days when you want to look put together, but also comfortable.

  • Michyeora

Michyeora has a K-drama vibe to it with styles that would be worn when going to school or just hanging out with friends.

These styles could be used to try and win over a love interest, no?

  • Dabagirl

Dabagirl has a more mature, yet stylish feel to their brand. For those who are accomplished go-getters, you’ll look ready to take on whatever is thrown at you!

Also, you’ll look ready to have a good time whenever given the chance.

  • Attrangs

Attrangs has a mature and sweet style to their brand. For those who want to dress more maturely, yet still want to be cute, it’s perfect for you!

They have clothes that are perfect for a cute outfit that blends together without bringing too much attention to the wearer.

  • Style On Me

Style On Me has simple and mature look to their brand.

Perfect for any office job or important outings.

  • My Fiona

My Fiona has a soft, classy mature look to their brand, dealing with light colours and a lot of floral prints.

They are really well-known for their blouses. They are made from good quality and add a lovely touch to an outfit.

  • JStyle Evellet

Jstyle Evellet offers styles that are trending in Korea and in plus sizes! There are not many Korean brands that offer plus sizes, and that is slowly changing due to demand! They recently released a collab with the American YouTuber Heyitsfeiii.

They have a global shop which can be viewed in English, Chinese, or Japanese. This makes shopping much more enjoyable! No confusion, just an easy and simple experience!

No matter your size, be who you are, and dress to impress!

Heyitsfeiii released a video showing some pieces from the collection she worked on as well popular items from previous ones. If you want a better idea of the clothing and how the fit my be, the video will be linked below!

These twelve brands are sure to have something for everyone and will help you be an Instagram model! For any of the brands that do not have global websites, you can still order clothes through the website, Korean Buddy. They take out the hard work and help you get the items from Korea you want!

Written by Ashton Carson

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