Bangtan Bangtan Ban Banchan!

Bangtan Bangtan Ban Banchan!

During a traditional Korean meal, nothing could make a person happier than to see banchan making its way to the table because it’s a signal that the main course is about to arrive. The same could be said about BTS concerts: When ARMYs see each member appearing on the stage, they are amazed because they know that the best is yet to come. Korean foodies and ARMY around the world are in for a treat as the world of banchan and Bangtan collide!

RM (Kim Namjoon) - Kimchi 

Kimchi is a classic side dish that can be found with almost every Korean meal. A person can always rely on kimchi to be on the dinner table. Just like how a person can rely on kimchi to be around, the BTS members can always rely on RM to be there for them.

Whether it be answering interview questions, giving speeches, or sharing thought-provoking ideas, BTS members never have a doubt in their minds that RM won’t be in attendance. As the leader of the group, RM takes on the responsibility of making sure all the members’ thoughts and feelings are heard. It can be a daunting task, but nothing that RM, himself, cannot handle.

Jin (Kim Seokjin) - Cubed Radish Kimchi

Just like regular kimchi, a person can be sure to find cubed radish kimchi on the dinner table. Even though both give off the same spicy flavor, cubed radish kimchi's solid texture gives a different experience inside someone’s mouth, and is delicious nevertheless. While RM is always there for his members, especially when it comes to being the speaker for special events, there is another person who the rest of BTS can always rely on: Jin.

With Jin being the oldest member of the group, he has always felt the need to be there for his fellow members. During the earlier BTS days, he would cook for them and make sure their needs were met. He is even considered by many fans as the caretaker of the group. A fitting role for such an endearing person. 

Suga (Min Yoongi) - Sweet Soy Braised Lotus Roots 

The physical characteristics of a lotus root can cause any person to look upon them with confusion because of its unique shape. However, once a person gets to the “root” of it all, he or she will discover that the delicious taste will overtake any sense of uncertainty.

Similar to a lotus root, Suga is someone who is often misunderstood due to his somewhat-serious demeanor. People ordinarily label him as being cold-hearted and harsh, but that is far from true. When it comes down to it, Suga is really laid-back and down to earth just like lotus root. 

 J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) - Yellow Pickled Radish 

Yellow pickled radish can catch a person’s eye right from the moment it is set on the table. Its vibrant color can light up a room almost just as much as J-Hope’s smile. Known for being the “sunshine” of the group, J-Hope is always super cheerful and happy. Not only does his bright personality stand out, but so do his dance moves.

Many people who watch BTS performances are captivated by J-Hope’s dancing skills and can never seem to take their eyes off of him. He also has his own distinctive sense of fashion, which makes him stand out among his members. 

Jimin (Park Jimin) - Stir-fried Zucchini 

Unlike the banchan previously mentioned, stir-fried zucchini is a little less overbearing when it comes to flavor. It is a much lighter and refreshing side dish, which means it can be enjoyed by almost anyone. What better member to compare this dish to other than the most invigorating member of all: Jimin.

Jimin is someone who can be found comforting his fellow members anytime they need a shoulder to cry on. He doesn’t hesitate to run towards or hug any of the members who need consolation or a listening ear, which can be a source of refreshment. 

V (Kim Taehyung) - Seasoned Bean Sprouts 

This delectable, crunchy treat can be supplied in abundance when it is set on the dinner table. So much so that no matter how much a person munches on them, the pile never seems to disappear. Does this mean that a person should never serve bean sprouts? Of course not! No one could ever have too many bean sprouts and no one could ever have too much V.

His bold and outgoing personality can seem just as overwhelming as a pile of bean sprouts, but that’s what makes him one-of-a-kind. V is not one to shy away from being himself, and has been spotted many times singing his heart out at award shows or dancing like nobody's around. Each of the members enjoys having V around because they know they will have a good time and a good laugh. 

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) - Jeon 

Jeon is considered to be a pancake-like dish that can be made with almost anything: meat, beans, vegetables, and more! Not only is the name of this side dish fitting for Jungkook, but so are its characteristics. It can be anything the cook wants it to be which makes it the perfect match for the Golden Maknae himself.

Jungkook is known as someone who can do it all: sing, dance, rap, and even effortlessly execute the Bottle Cap Challenge. Nothing can stop this man from doing whatever he puts his mind to. 

Can you think of other Korean side dishes that would suit the members of BTS? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: BTS (BigHit Entertainment)
Written by Cris White

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