Autumn Food That'll Make You Drool

Autumn Food That'll Make You Drool

It’s that time of year where the leaves are changing and the temperature is starting to cool down from the intense blistering heat of the summer. In Korea autumn is referred to as “the season of high sky and stout horses,” which essentially means that the skies are clear and the grains have fully ripened. With the new season, there exists a whole variety of food that you can savor during the season.

Korean Blue Crab

The season for blue crab is upon us with the abundant plump meat of male crabs. There are various ways to cook up this delicacy such as the infamous spicy crab soup; which incorporates vegetables and other seafood such as shrimp. One remarkably favorite dish that can be described as “crabtacular” is gejang or raw crab marinated in red chili-pepper paste sauce or soy sauce. There is also something special about blue crabs as they have unmistakably proven their worth since they prevent some diseases such as geriatric diseases, as well being used as alcohol detoxification.


If you want a drink that can put pumpkin spice in its place look no further. This drink that can be served hot or cold has everything delicious for autumn. Flavors including persimmons, cinnamon, brown sugar, and honey this drink has a pleasing balance of sweet and fruity with the added punch from the cinnamon. The drink is a reddish brown color and is generally garnished with pine nuts. With it being a popular festive beverage it makes its appearance on Korean holidays such as Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day).

Gizzard Shad

During the fall gizzard shads store up an abundance of nutrients to outlast the cold winter; in other words, they’re filled with flavor and healthy oils. September and mid-November are the best months to chow down on these delicious fish. Since the larger gizzard shads are high in fat than the little ones it best to pick a fish that is over 15 cm to truly enjoy the fish’s taste. One of the best ways to prepare the gizzard shad is to take the entire fish, salt it, and put it on the grill. However, if you don’t feel like cooking you can eat this raw in slices that are wrapped in lettuce and seasoned with garlic and chili sauce.

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