ATEEZ Making Waves

ATEEZ Making Waves

There was a time K-pop was struggling to gain international recognition. Long gone are those days because today this young industry, through their perseverance, creativity and pure hard work; has emerged as a powerhouse of skill and talent. With artists such as GOT7, BLACKPINK, EXO, MONSTA X and Red Velvet performing concerts all over the world, we are blessed with a new generation of K-pop groups. And boy, are they fearless!

Today we are (virtually) gathered here to celebrate the ongoing success of one particular rookie group: ATEEZ. If anyone is looking to experience electronic dance music with killer beats topped off with a stellar performance, you’ve successfully stumbled upon the right group!

ATEEZ debuted on October 24, 2018 with Treasure EP.1: All to Zero, and impressively rose to fame in a matter of six months. Coming from a humble agency, KQ Entertainment, they’ve surely had to go above and beyond to prove to the world that they have what it takes to become successful, and that is exactly what they did! From reality shows to YouTube series, this group has done it all.

Prior to their debut, ATEEZ had their very own YouTube series KQ Fellaz 미국 연수기 (KQ Fellaz American Training) where they travelled to Los Angeles, California for the purpose of training.

In addition to the YouTube series, they also came up with a reality show, Code Name is ATEEZ. A set of three teasers were released before the show went live on July 20, 2018. Through the YouTube series and reality show, ATEEZ  got themselves their very own fanbase called ATINY, which stands as an abbreviation of ATEEZ and destiny.

Their debut date was announced on October 2, 2018. Since then, they have truly raised the bar for what is to come for the K-pop industry.

Treasure EP.1: All to Zero was accompanied with music videos for title tracks “Treasure” and “Pirate King.” The album was well-received by fans, who were eagerly waiting for it. To top it off, ATEEZ managed to get their very first album rank #7 on the Gaon Album Charts.

Stating facts, K-pop is very addictive by nature. So it is only inevitable that post their debut, fans were wanting to hear more and more. Their wish was granted right at the beginning of this year on January 2, 2019 with a snippet of their next project, Treasure EP.2: Zero to One. The teaser to their title track “Say My Name” got many of us on our toes!

I can’t speak for everyone, but I am taking a wild guess here, and saying that January 15 was a good day. Why, you ask? Well, here's the answer:

This track is going to get your head bopping and hips swaying.

The music video to “HALLA HALLA”, was released on January 7, 2019. ATEEZ is giving many of us exactly what we need with this one.“HALLA HALLA” stands for "Hearts Awakening, Live Alive." It starts off slowly only to pick up speed with Hongjoong’s rap. Bound to leave you breaking that replay button, "HALLA HALLA" will make your day better.

What makes ATEEZ stand out in a pool of several talented artist is their unbelievable talent and hard work. Their music is a unique blend of R&B and hip-hop with a concentrated dose of power-packed dance moves that look really difficult, but are extremely beautiful. Making your way to the top requires a lot of practice, strength and struggle. Whilst ATEEZ humbly thank their lucky stars, it is certain to us spectators that luck alone cannot get you your first world tour sold out in a blink of an eye and #49 on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart! (Yes, they did that, and yes, you can take a minute).  

On January 24, ATEEZ announced their first-ever world tour, The Expedition Tour. Starting from the month of March, ATEEZ will perform in Dallas, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago and Los Angeles. The tour continues in April with concerts in different countries in Europe including London, Lisbon, Paris, Berin, Amsterdam, Milan, Budapest, Stockholm, Warsaw and Moscow. Will we be able to survive that? Only time will tell!

The month of January surely was a blessed month because how else can you explain this?

Music has brought several diverse communities together time and again. This is exactly why music is universal, transcending any and all forms of man-made conditions. K-pop understands this so very well. So much so that groups like ATEEZ respect the international fanbase they have in order to incorporate a more global approach to their music while at the same time retaining their culture. Rookie groups have it harder than ever today because the overall standard of music has been raised exponentially. In the face of tumultuous expansion of the K-pop community, ATEEZ sticks out. Congratulations ATEEZ, we hope you have successful tour!

All the ATINYs raise your hands up!

We want to know all your ATEEZ stories, let us know in the comments below!  

Cover Image: ATEEZ (KQ Entertainment)
Written by Sayantani Banerjee

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