ATEEZ Leads the Next Generation to Find the Answers

ATEEZ Leads the Next Generation to Find the Answers

Have you had “Wonderland” on repeat since October? Is that little voice in your head constantly whispering “ka ja” (let’s go) to get you through your day? Well, now you better be saying “on my my way” to listen to the new ATEEZ album, TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action to Answer. Reaching 1 million views on YouTube within four hours and #1 album on the U.S. iTunes chart for all genres, ATEEZ comes into 2020 ready to conquer the new year.

ATEEZ closed out 2019 by taking home the Best Korean Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards and the Worldwide Fans Choice Award at the Melon Music Awards. After tearing up the MAMA stage, ATINY were left wondering how ATEEZ would top their legendary mashup of BTS’ “Blood, Sweat, & Tears,” SHINee’s “View,” Miss A’s “Good-bye Baby,” and their own song, “Wonderland”. Fans were blown away once again as ATEEZ performed the first verse of their unreleased title song, “Answer,” at the Golden Disc Music Awards, where they also took home the Next Generation Award.

With TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action to Answer, the group shows how the storyline for each of their previous works is connected. For an album that’s supposed to be about finding answers, it sure created quite a lot of questions...

Comeback single “Answer” seems to be a song that only ATEEZ can pull off because of their unique combination of instrumentals, strong and certain beats, and background vocals. The complex choreography calls for the members to move as one as they seamlessly transition from one formation to another. In the music video, the members share drinks with darker versions of themselves, but the ending only raises more questions than answers as a mysterious figure in white surveys the destroyed room.

Okay, now someone pass the tissues: It’s about to be sad hours with “Star 1117.” The R&B ballad was made especially for their brightest stars, ATINY. The lyrics may seem familiar to those who bought their previous album, TREASURE EP.FIN: All to Action, since they were in the hidden message that was included in the album. 

In their V Live after the Golden Disc Awards show, Yunho said his favorite songs from the album were “Horizon” and “Precious.” Like “Answer,” “Horizon” is a diverse combination of EDM and hip-hop that will make you want to get up, clap, and jump around. “Precious” is the full version of the “Precious (Overture)” from TREASURE EP.FIN: All to Action and takes on a more hip-hop vibe compared to “Horizon.”  

Featuring the same name for their debut album’s intro track, “Outro: Long Journey” is a reminiscent track featuring clips from each comeback they’ve had so far. The way the song transitions from soothing string instrumentals to an upbeat and inspirational declaration for endurance, then to a dark and mysterious tone should be considered a work of art. What seems to be like a song that closes the book for their first series of albums, actually opens up a new book for their next story.

Maybe ATEEZ will give some hints as to what they have next in store for ATINY at the ATEEZ WORLD TOUR <The Fellowship>: Map The Treasure, which starts March 2019. 

What song from TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action to Answer do you hope to see them perform? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: ATEEZ (KQ Entertainment)
Written by Sarah Wong

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