An In-Depth Look at DAY6’s Heart-Stopping 'Emergency' Choreo

An In-Depth Look at DAY6’s Heart-Stopping 'Emergency' Choreo

The South Korean band DAY6 is usually known for their amazing vocals and incredible ability to play their respective instruments, but the group finished 2019 by revealing their true secret talent: dance.

While the group’s choreography of their song “Emergency” was unveiled during their Christmas Special Concert, "The Present,” the band graced those unable to attend by uploading a music video of it. 

The video consists of a myriad of wonderful edits that show the absolutely outstanding popping, locking, and overall rocking of each of the group’s members; including lead guitarist Jae, keyboardist Wonpil, rhythm guitarist Sungjin, bassist Young K, and drummer Dowoon.

While the track is enough to get you up on your feet and dancing, the eye-catching visuals and choreography is an additional inspiration to groove to the electrifying beats. The group does have moments where they all dance together; however, each member’s style is so unique that they all deserve an analysis of their own right.

  • Jae

Both online and on-stage, Jae is well-known for his exuberant energy that gives an aura of an independent and proud persona. The same energy can be found in his part of the choreography, which embodies the phrase “dance like nobody is watching.” Switching drastically from subtle arm movements to wild and proud body maneuvers, Jae’s dance is reminiscent of a transition from “shy kid in the corner of a school dance” to “dad determined to embarrass his son at a family barbecue.”

  • Wonpil

Wonpil is most notable for his voice that somehow perfectly balances gentleness and power. However, his colorful dancing skills are nothing to overlook, either. Where one may look at their elbows and knees and see nothing but joints, Wonpil looks at these parts of his body as methods of expression, and much like the song itself, his moves demonstrate an electricity-like flow.

  • Young K

Despite being known as one of the group’s most striking visuals, Young K’s physical abilities show that he is much more than a pretty face. As the group’s bassist, he holds an exemplary control over the performance of his instrument, and his singing fits the themes of a multitude of songs. His dancing in “Emergency,” which appears to be inspired by the street dance style of “krumping,” decorates the video with his bold and expressive movements. 

Fun Fact: While group dances aren't common, one incident during a DAY6 TV appearance has become a reoccurring joke amongst fans. It involved Young K performing a math-graph dance on After School Club, where he used his body to depict concepts like “minus,” “plus,” and “fraction.”

  • Sungjin

Fitting for the leader of DAY6, Sungjin can often be found at the center of the group during the choreography. Not only do his quirky movements and presentation charm the audience while he dances, but Sungjin’s carefree and endearing movements display that he only has one goal in mind amidst the edits of spinning sunflowers, falling fried chicken, and jarring ambulances: grooving.

  • Dowoon

As the youngest of the band, Dowoon is often shown to bear a very cutesy personality, and his performance “Emergency” is no different. His personality is so appealing that his role extends beyond dancing, and he can be seen acting within the video in multiple cases, primarily during the transitions. His role as the group's youngest is evident as well, he can be seen mimicking the beating of a heart alongside his older members towards the end of the video.

The world of K-pop dances can often be viewed as a very intimidating and complex place, but DAY6’s choreography for “Emergency” doesn’t take itself too seriously and instead focuses on the electric and energetic feeling of the song. 

What did you think of the performance video? How would you portray the song’s energy? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: DAY6 (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Kyle Voong

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