All You Need to Know About Patbingsu

All You Need to Know About Patbingsu

Spring and summer are all about finding ways to cool down, and what a better way to do so than by eating a sweet, yet refreshing, concoction of shaved ice, fruits, condensed milk, and ice cream? If your mouth is watering right now, you have to try patbingsu.

What is Patbingsu?

Patbingsu, also known as bingsu, is the Korean version of shaved-ice. Instead of only using flavored syrup, like the American shaved-ice, bingsu includes an array of toppings like red-bean paste, chewy rice cakes and the aforementioned condensed milk, fruits, and ice cream. The type of ice is also different, it has thinner ice that melts right away on your mouth making this summer treat a more refreshing and lighter option.

A Brief History:

According to Korea’s Tourism Organization, patbingsu dates all the way back to the Joseon Dynasty. The original combination consisted of finely broken ice topped with sweetened red bean porridge, which gave the dessert its name. Patbingsu literally translates to "red beans shaved ice." Not a fan of red beans? Do not worry because most places offer combinations without it!

How to Eat:

The most popular way to eat it is by mixing all the toppings with the ice, making each spoonful a delightful surprise for your taste buds, or you can pick and choose from your toppings. Either way, you’ll understand why this Korean dessert is so popular!

Patbingsu can be found in most cafes and bakeries in South Korea as well as in Asian cafes and restaurants throughout the United States.

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Written by Dianelys Fuentes

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