A K-Pop Playlist to Ignite Every Fire Sign

A K-Pop Playlist to Ignite Every Fire Sign

Ever wonder what songs match your zodiac sign? This fiery playlist will focus on Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Usually stereotyped as bold, loud, and sometimes selfish, these signs are more than what they seem. There are two sides to each coin so the list will feature the two major archetypes found within each fire sign. So without further ado, let’s go!

Aries: The Bold and the Broad 

  • “Idol” - BTS

Aries can be confident and quite loud since they are the beginning of the zodiac cycle. This fire sign can be the personification of a roaring fire. “Idol” by BTS embodies their passionate and bold energy. Along with energetic beats, this will have Aries dancing like no tomorrow which is good considering this sign tends to be bursting with energy. 

  • “Dart” - HyunA

There are Aries that can seem like the complete opposite. While quieter and less out-spoken, they can still have a hidden fire within them. They’re passionate but it’s subtle like a spark instead of an explosion. “Dart” has a delicate sound but it’s still strong. The background instrumentals slowly build up throughout the song without being too overpowering. The song feels like it's lowly blooming or a growing into a feverish state much like the energy of this type of Aries. 

Leo: Loud and Clever 

  • “HIP” - MAMAMOO 

Leos put themselves first, can be quite flashy and blunt at times. They are straightforward and they love their friends and family deeply. Compared to Aries, instead of being a bang, they are a roaring fireplace. More into planning, Leos know how to get things done. “HIP” is the perfect anthem for Leos. The lead single is about unapologetically being yourself and not following the beaten path. MAMAMOO’s song conveys Leos’ strong sense of pride and confidence. 

  • “Thank U Soooo Much” - Yubin 

On the other side, there are also calmer Leos. They tend to be book-smart and less brash. But, just because they seem docile doesn’t mean you can take advantage of them. They’ll set you straight if you wrong them. Their subtle sassy energy is captured in “Thank U Soooo Much” by Yubin. The single is all about a lover who tries to break up the easy way and Yubin doesn’t let them go with the final words. Her sultry vocals and catchy lyrics are also a plus. 

Sagittarius: Loyal and Adventurous 

  • “Paper Plane” - NCT 127 

Those born under Sagittarius are loyal to a fault and are some of the more responsible fire signs. Out of all these signs, they are the more philosophical ones. Sagittarius are always searching for answers. Though keep in mind that they are a fire sign so these individuals can also be impatient in search of answers and adventures. “Paper Plane” is a glimpse of this sign’s introspective nature. NCT 127 wonders what it would be a paper plane. 

  • “Holiday” - SEVENTEEN

There are more relaxed Sagittariuses as well. These are the friends you turn to for advice or just to have a good time. Carefree and generous, they can make your day. “Holiday” by SEVENTEEN is light, airy, and makes you feel like throwing a party with all your friends. That’s what these Sagittariuses crave; making good memories with everyone they love. 

These are only a few songs that fit these fiery signs! What is your favorite song on this playlist? Any that you think should be on here? Tell us below!

Cover Image: BTS (BigHit Entertainment) 
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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