7 Apps Any K-Pop Fan Needs

7 Apps Any K-Pop Fan Needs

With the K-pop scene constantly moving, fans have to make sure they’re keeping up with everything as much as they can. There are a lot more apps to keep you updated than you might think to help you stay up to date with the latest K-pop trends while you wait for your faves to have a comeback.

Check out these seven apps to help you see K-pop in a new way:

  • Eggbun Learn Korean

Wanting to pick up Korean? Eggbun is perfect for those who want to start learning. This chat-style app can help you pick up phrases, questions, and more through speaking, texting, and reading. Start learning the basics through this app so you can start singing along to your favorite songs in no time.

  • V-Live Live Streaming

Sure, watching music videos is a good way to see your favorite K-pop idols, but sometimes it’s best to see them when they’re just relaxing. V-Live allows you to watch your faves goofing off and talking to fans in real time (or from earlier dates if you’re feeling those throwback feels).

  • KPOP Amino Socializing App

With K-pop being known across the globe, the K-pop community is also constantly growing. A great app to meet fans with the same interests as you is KPOP Amino! This app isn’t just for meeting new people, but is also great for keeping up with news through blog posts, photos, quizzes, and more!

  • SuperStar Rhythm Game

Looking for a way to pass time? Check out the SuperStar apps! This app is perfect for anyone who wants to check their rhythm skills while listening to K-Pop. With its growing popularity, this app has released many different versions that focus on different companies, such as PLEDIS, SM, and more!

  • K-Pop Tiles Rhythm Game

Another game that is perfect for those who love listening to K-pop while passing time is K-pop Tiles. It is a little bit less competitive than the SuperStar, but just as fun. With a little more variety on one app, this game is perfect for a quick study break.

  • Snow Photo Filters
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Need to start getting ready for your next selca day post? Use the app most K-pop idols use to post those cute selfies with the fun filters over them: Snow! This app, similar to Snapchat, includes a lot of cute filters that are perfect for an aesthetic selca post.

  • Coverstar  Short Videos

You’ve probably been seeing those K-pop dance covers on your explore Instagram page, or maybe you’re following some cover artists. Coverstar is the perfect app to apply music behind your videos, whether it be for singing, dancing, or just background music.

If you ever get bored make sure to add these apps to your home screen! Ranging from rhythm games to a photo editing apps, there is a variety of options for every K-pop fan.

Let us know what your favorite K-pop app is and why it’s your favorite!

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