5 Perfect Korean Cafes for Children

5 Perfect Korean Cafes for Children

Parents can be on a tight schedule balancing a busy work schedule and taking care of their children. When they need a place to get work done out of the house or are meeting up with friends, and need to bring their kids with them, there are cafes that can accommodate both the parent and child. South Korea has an abundance of these cafes, known as kid cafes. These are places for children to play while they are watched by staff, and there is another quiet area for the parents to work or even have some time to themselves.

  • Plouf

In Cheongdam, Plouf is a cafe where you can watch your children have fun in the pool while you chill by the side and relax. It’s 45,000 won for kids and 15,000 won for adults, and for adults, one drink is included. Plus, the food is amazing and served in large portions. After the kids are done swimming and eating, take them over to the shower to wash off, and then over to the spa for them get the royal treatment. The spa gives them a little foot bath and a face mask. The price may look a bit steep, but it is totally worth it for how much the children will be entertained.

  • Teddy Bear Zoo

The Teddy Bear Zoo Kids' Park is in the wonderful Lotte World Mall. So after shopping for some time, let the kids take a break. This kids' cafe is unique because of its stuffed animal zoo. They have everything thing from a tiger exhibit to a petting zoo where children can also ride the animals. Separated spaces are available for the smaller kids as well. After the time at the zoo, there are also extra activities to do like play in the sensory pit or even a place to bring their drawings to life on-screen. The price covers two hours: 7,000 won for adults and children can range from 9,500 to 19,000 won while any toddler younger than twelve months is free. Last but not least, there are massage chairs for the parents while the kids have their fun time. 

  • Tayo Kids Cafe

Tayo Kids Cafe is based on the popular children’s show, Tayo the Little Bus. There are multiple branches located throughout Korea. The interiors and activities at these cafes vary from little cars to ride to sensory pits, trampolines to ball pits, it engages the children in different ways. The cafe is geared more towards a younger audience. The prices change depending on the Tayo Kids Cafe branch that you visit; for example, there could be memberships available that give discounts on the prices for children’s tickets.

  • Smart Brick Kids Cafe

In Gangnam, hidden is a place called Smart Brick Kids Cafe. This is geared more towards children three or four-years-old and up. It’s in a basement, so there is not much natural light coming in, but the high ceilings and great lighting make up for the location. There are legos, a kitchenette, books and more for kids to play or read. For the older kids, there is a gaming room on another floor for them to escape to. You can also host birthday parties for your kid that others would envy!

  • Petit 5

Kids like acting like their grown-up, even when they are so young. Petit 5 in Itaewon, creates the perfect blend of the adult cafe image with the children’s. The atmosphere is that of Parisian flair and a cafe for adults, but looks can be deceiving. Your kids will love the playhouses and kitchen, while you enjoy delicious pastries. Unlike most kids cafes, Petit 5 allows one hour slots for playtime with great prices: 5,000 won for each child, and adults can go for free.

With everything going on in your life as a parent, kids' cafes can be a great escape for both you and your little ones. You’ll be able to do what you want at the café while your child gets to have the time of their life playing.

Have you been to a kids' cafe before? Would you want to go to any of the ones talked about here? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Avery Souders

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