5 Korean Music Video Locations Every K-Pop Fan Should Visit

5 Korean Music Video Locations Every K-Pop Fan Should Visit

Korean pop is constantly growing and being appreciated worldwide because of the talent and visuals presented. The locations in which music videos are filmed are even a huge part of the aesthetic. Did you know many video spots in South Korea are actually accessible to the public?

Here are 5 locations from beloved K-pop videos that every fan should experience:

  • “Cheer Up” by Twice - Yangjae Stream Cherry Blossom Lane

Throwback to 2016, girl group TWICE released “Cheer Up.” In this music video, there are many locations used, but one is Yangjae Stream Cherry Blossom Lane, where we get to see Mina walking through the beautiful falling petals. Following this street, you’ll be led by multiple cherry blossom trees that bloom every spring. Make sure to visit this beautiful location to be transported into a magical, flower world just as Mina was!

  • “Pretty U” by Seventeen - Tony Burger, Daegu

While in Korea, you’ll need somewhere to eat, and retro diner aesthetics are conveniently used frequently for music videos. Thirteen-member group, SEVENTEEN, utilized a diner in Seoul—known as Tony Burger—to film their music video for “Pretty U,” showing off their fun side and proving it’s the perfect place to meet up with friends. The Seoul location is now closed, but if you decide to make a stop at this delicious diner in Daegu, try to keep it cleaner than SEVENTEEN in their music video!

  • “Gentleman” by PSY - The Seoul Metropolitan Library
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The Seoul Metropolitan Library

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Known for his hit “Gangnam Style,” artist PSY has released more hits, such as “Gentleman,” filmed in some amazing places. In the “Gentleman” music video, he visits The Seoul Metropolitan Library, which is known for its wide stairs and ginormous book shelves, reaching as high as five meters tall. When you visit, have a relaxing browse, or if you feel up to it, you could recreate PSY’s “Gentleman” dance pose.

  • “Everyday I Love You” by ViVi - Seaside in Busan
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Vivi (LOONA) Busan Seaside

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Seoul isn’t the only place in Korea that holds beautiful sights. ViVi from LOONA emphasizes the beauty of the seaside in Busan. In her teaser video for “Everyday I Love You,” Vivi lets her hair flow in the soft breeze while showing off the refreshing effects the Busan seaside holds for visitors. With blue skies and a view, the seaside is a perfect place to visit if you want to experience the relaxing views Korea has to offer.

  • “Bar Bar Bar” by Crayon Pop - Yongma Land
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Crayon Pop Yongma Land

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Known for their silly theme, Crayon Pop visits an equally as silly setting to film their iconic “Bar Bar Bar” music video. Yongma Land was a small amusement park located in Yongmasan that created a lively and bright setting for Crayon Pop. Sadly this amusement park is now abandoned but can still be visited today. Although not as lively as it once was, this location is still very well-known for being featured in not only Crayon Pop’s music video but other K-pop music videos as well.

With all these locations, any K-pop fan should be set to recreate at least five music video moments when they visit Korea. Which locations would you want to visit? Were there any that we didn’t mention?

Let us know in the comments for the next traveling K-pop fan to see!

Cover Image: Mina of TWICE (JYP Entertainment)

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