5 Korean Artists to Inspire You

5 Korean Artists to Inspire You

While spring is slowly creeping up with its warmth, the sun shining more often and inviting nature to wake up, people, too, feel more energized. This inspiring period is especially important for artists who share their wonderful works with the world. Are you in the mood for some inspiration? Then let’s look at some Korean artists and their creations.

Nam June Paik  (백남준) (1932-2006)

Whoever is acquainted with the contemporary art scene or art history must have heard his name at least once. The artist is well known for his various media artworks, and is considered to be the pioneer of video art.

If you are in Seoul, you can also admire one of his works called “My Faust-Communication” (1989-1991), currently exhibited in Leeum Samsung Museum of art. The museum/gallery has many spaces filled with interesting art works and installations of artists from all over the world. Here is some more information about the museum.

Ran Hwang (황란)

Ran Hwang is a sculptural artist inspired by the nature of cyclical life, the beauty of a transient moment. Her mixed-media work usually contains materials such as buttons, pins, beads and thread. As the large, carefully crafted iconic figures take time to make, Hwang depicts the action as a moment for reflection and meditation of a human being in the society.

Jiwoon Pak (박지운)

An artist, illustrator, sharing her works of delicate, eloquent, soft pastel illustrations and digital paintings, has been inspiring more and more people each year. She often does beautiful illustrations for book covers. Check out her Instagram and official website to see more of her work.

Mugunghwa girl (무궁화소녀)

Mugunghwa (무궁화) is the national flower of South Korea, also commonly known as Rose of Sharon. Mugunghwa also happens to be the nickname of a young, gifted photographer, whose many conceptual works emit the essence of a fairy tale. The colorful portraits have also reached many various entertainment companies’ eyes, a few of them being Blockberry Creative (LOONA),  JYP Ent. (GOT7), A Team Ent. (VAV), Dreamcatcher Company (Dreamcatcher).

Henn Kim (헨 킴)

Henn Kim is an artist, making creative black and white illustrations and sharing them online. The designs are often a witty play on words, using figures of people, nature and everyday elements in most of the artworks.

What do you think about these artists and their work? Have they given you a little bit of inspiration? Comment and let us know below! Wish you all some nice and warm spring days to come.

Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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