3 Solo K-Pop Artists to Keep an Eye On

3 Solo K-Pop Artists to Keep an Eye On

Despite the popularity of hugely successful K-pop groups, K-pop soloists must not be forgotten. In fact, K-pop solo artists such as Sunmi, Taemin, and Chungha are clear examples of how popular solo artists can get. So, if you’re hoping to find some new K-pop artists to listen to without committing to a whole group, soloists might be of interest to you. Moving away from super popular acts, here are a few K-pop soloists who have debuted in 2019 and are already topping charts and receiving a ton of love.

  • Kang Daniel

Before Daniel made his debut, he already had a massive following thanks to Wanna One. Daniel debuted on July 26 with his song "What Are You Up To." The Wanna One fanbase continued to show their love and support even after the group had disbanded, and Daniel is now touring around the world only a few short months since his solo debut. He's known for his well-rounded skills, toothy grin, uncanny similarity to Apeach and his thigh sweep in "Open Up."

  • Jeon Somi

Somi has swept the nation with K-pop journey starting off on Sixteen, and eventually moving from JYP to her new label, The Black Label. It almost feels as if we watched her grow both as a young girl and an artist. As a Korean-Canadian artist, she brings a new look to the scene, not only is she an amazing dancer and singer, she is also bilingual, speaking both Korean and English! 

She debuted on July 13 with her single “Birthday,” which was an immediate global hit. Fans had been anticipating her debut for a few years after promoted with the rest of the IOI. After their disbandment, fans watched as each member made their debuts and patiently waited for Somi’s. Even though they had to wait a long time, this debut was definitely worth it as Somi debuted with an explosive pop song. 

  • Lee Euijin

Euijin made his solo debut on June 26 with "Insomnia." He showed off his sharp dance moves and stable vocals with this debut, and his talent was no surprise to dedicated fans who had been following him for a while. He was previously in A.Cian with stage name Lo-J, and promoted with them for around a year.

Later, he joined Bigflo in 2017 after completing his military service and then joined The Unit, a survival show for idols who had debuted previously but weren’t able to see the success and popularity that they had hoped for. With this chance, Euijin skyrocketed to popularity and ended up placing 2nd overall. Euijin made it into the final line-up and was placed in UNB, where he received plenty of love and support. On the show, he was mostly known for his amazing dancing and his goofy personality.

With K-pop on a steady rise, it may be hard to keep up with all the debuts and comebacks. Hopefully, these three artists who have debuted this year have let you dip your toes into the world of K-pop soloists.

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Cover Image: Kang Daniel (Konnect Entertainment)
Written by Stephanie Leung

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