2 Must-See Museums in Korea!

2 Must-See Museums in Korea!

Want to check out some cool museums in Seoul, Korea? Two museums to visit for some unique photo opportunities are the Trick Eye Museum and the Ice Museum, both are located in the same building in Hongdae and are both walking distance from the train! It’s a super convenient place to go to spice up your feed and have a great time full of laughs and shivers!

Trick Eye Museum

The Trick Eye Museum is a museum that has many photo opportunities that take advantage of illusions. Photo areas are set up in certain ways where taking the photo from the designated photo zone will leave a special image for you to share with your followers. Some places require you to rotate the picture, resulting in an image that looks like you are hanging upside down.

Ice Museum

The Ice Museum is not a place that just looks like ice sculptures everywhere; it is a museum where many of its pieces are made of actual ice! This area of the museum can be found inside the Trick Eye Museum and is below freezing! The extremely cold temperature is to—we're sure you guessed—keep all the ice from melting. Don't worry, the staff will give you covering to keep some of your warmth, but you will still be shivering. There is even an ice slide for both kids and adults to enjoy! Overall, it’s a special experience that you can’t get in normal museums.

There is another museum alongside The Trick Eye and Ice Museum called the Love Museum. However, this museum is an 18+ with R-rated photos that will definitely give you a bunch of laughs.

Written by Catherine Tai

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