1TEAM in it for the Long Run!

1TEAM in it for the Long Run!

If you have space in your heart for one more K-pop group, then you should definitely check out the rookie group 1TEAM!

Considered a small group, 1TEAM debuted on March 27, 2019 under Liveworks Company. All members have some sort of background experience, coming together as one and showing the dedication they have for their new group. 1TEAM consists of five members who will swoon you with their rap, vocal, and dance skills. The variation of music the group has to offer is demonstrated in their three-track mini album, Hello!

Their debut single, "Vibe," will have you in awe as the catchy melody and colors captivate you. The song right off the bat starts with BC’s rap. He is later joined in by the smooth vocals of Jehyun, Jinwoo, and leader Rubin. Rapper and maknae Junghoon finishes the first verse of the song, and before you know it, you’ll be singing and dancing along before it ends.

Their song "Countdown," although fast and upbeat, differs greatly from "Vibe." At first, fans will be enticed with the heavy bass, the starting rap; and overall, the member's structured dance moves. It’s within the next couple of seconds that the song slows down to a more calm and smooth melody. Before one can get used to it, the beat drops and we’re greeted again with a catchy base tune.

Though "Vibe" and "Countdown" are fast and fun, don't be fooled. They also know how to slow it down to give you a heartfelt moment with their song "‘Bout U." The feel of this track is a little more intimate, which lets fans get to know the various sides of the group.

Another great way to get to know the group is by checking out their social media! You can find a lot of 1TEAM's stage performances, important information, and the group's more chill and fun side on their Instagram, @official_1team, and Twitter, @1team_twt.

Having a long journey ahead of them, 1TEAM's determination and support of their growing fan base is what keeps them motivated. If you’re up for the ride, give 1TEAM just one chance, and tell us who your bias is down below!

Cover Image: 1TEAM (Liveworks Company)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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