RamyunFever Box

Who loves Ramen? We do!!!

Starting as low as $22/Box


Who loves ramen??? We do!!!!

These days, there are so many different types of ramen to choose from, so we put together a sampler box with not only our favorites but the ones Koreans rated the highest. Inside the box, you will find an eclectic mix of flavors from cheesy to spicy to seafood-y - all of which will make your tummy nice, warm and fuzzy.

This box comes with a combination of 7~10 premium instant noodles from ramen to udon to soba to kalguksu, from spicy to non-spicy to soupless to seafood-y, and includes condiments, and a bonus item (such as chopsticks, socks, and more!).


Your box will typically arrive between September 23rd ~ October 15th if you order by September 30th at midnight PT.

*Products shown above image may or may not be included in your Box. Every month the contents of the Box change.